Music, an expression of the human spirit, can communicate ideas and emotions that are impossible to explain in any other language. It connects us to our history and to people everywhere.

The Mozart Academy is an extended family of students, teachers and parents who work together to inspire, train and develop the child’s potential.

The Mozart Academy believes that all children are innate artists and that it is our civic duty and responsibility to teach that talent. It was founded to serve children who would otherwise miss the opportunity because of lack of access or funds.

As talent recognizes neither nationality, race, religion nor pocketbook, our international, multi-cultural students and their parents are admitted on scholarship.

We insist that children be taught from the beginning — if a student has the passion to become advanced, or even professional, he or she will be well prepared to progress.

New York City is our laboratory and all students and parents are required to participate in our cultural life as an integral part of their education.

All students and parents are required to attend concerts in major New York venues including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and to experience films, lectures and exhibitions with tickets provided by the Mozart Academy.

Currently our students are from:

  • The United States
  • Rwanda
  • Tibet
  • China
  • South Africa
  • Taiwan
  • Ethiopia
  • Namibia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Russia
  • Israel
  • Cuba

What Makes Us Different

Our consistent individual attention to students, and the camaraderie of Mozart parents and students, is unique. Parents generously share information which can lead to life-altering educational opportunities for their children.

One parent unselfishly helped another’s child win a scholarship to a private school.

Often they care for each other’s child when a parent is late or unavailable. When one of our students was confined to a hospital bed for six months with a heart condition, parents and children took turns visiting him several times weekly for violin practice.

Our students mentor each other. Advanced students are thoughtful and congratulate each other even when they are competing.

Our Artist Faculty

All faculty members of The Mozart Academy are performing artists who regularly appear with orchestras, chamber music ensembles and in solo recitals.

Beyond their graduate degrees from Juillard, Manhattan, Eastman and Mannes, Stonybrook and Queens College Schools of Music, they have completed the two year teacher training courses in instrumental instruction for young children.