A Gift to the Mozart Academy is a Gift to the future of Humanity. Every gift, regardless of the amount, has profound implication and is priceless. Please celebrate our upcoming 2010 10th anniversary with a generous donation.

Letter from the Director

In a private meeting in Prague the Dalai Lama was asked, “How can we raise happy children?” His short answer was, “You must spoil your children.” Then he continued to explain what he meant.

Raising your child with unqualified love and attention was his definition of spoiling. It is a sacrifice to take your child to music lessons and to observe the daily discipline of practice. But your child will never forget your support and the warmth of practice sessions.

Developing the discipline of music is itself a victory. Those of us who are professionals strive throughout our lives towards the ideal of perfection. In celebration and in adversity our motto is to make music more beautifully than ever before.

Caroline Stoessinger




Please contact Caroline Stoessinger to discuss your donation:
Email: caroline@TheMozartAcademy.org
Phone: (212) 874-2193

For your donation of $100.00 or more, we provide a complimentary copy of Play, Mozart, Play! a beautiful book from award-winning children’s writer Peter Sis. This is an ideal gift for children of all ages, and our gift of appreciation to you, while limited copies are available!