“For the vast majority of students, music can be every bit as important, educationally, as reading or writing.” Dr. Oliver Sachs

When should my child being music lessons?

All education, including music, begins at birth hearing beautiful and memorable sound. A good quality music box that plays melodies composed by Mozart can be the child’s first introduction to the joy of music.

While the age a child begins formal lessons varies with each student, we recommend that an optimal age to begin violin or cello is four years of age although we accept younger students when appropriate.

For optimal results, piano students should be a minimum of seven years and have completed one year of primary school before embarking on formal lessons.

When and how should I buy an instrument for a beginner?

The very smallest violins and cellos are inexpensive and can either be purchased or rented for the beginning student. The advantage of renting is that, in case of problems, most rental companies repair the instruments. Purchased instruments can be resold or traded for larger violins or cellos as the child grows.

Whether you purchase or rent it is critical to obtain an instrument that produces quality sound. It is also important to be aware of the rental companies insurance and repair policies.

How does the Academy’s admissions process work?

Our open enrollment policy permits us to enroll a new student whenever we have a vacancy in a category that is appropriate for the request.

New instrumental students are accepted from age 3-13. Choral students are accepted from ages 8-15. An interview with the beginning students and their parents is required.

Transfer students are required to audition.

What are the Academy’s expectations for students?

Mozart Academy students are enthusiastic and serious. Our students enjoy achieving. They are focused during lessons, disciplined during practice sessions and give their utmost to each performance.

What makes the Mozart Academy experience unique?

The Academy provides a joyous environment for people of all cultures, languages and backgrounds to explore the world of music. Our students and parents are mutually supportive and often mentor each other in invaluable and non-competitive ways. Our beginning students are so well taught that should they wish to become professionals, they are prepared to realize their potential. Our primary goal is to educate aesthetically sensitive students who are aware of the world around them and to help them develop leadership skills as concerned global citizens.