Music is as important to a child’s education as a solid foundation is to a building. Plato, Einstein, Schweitzer and artists have always known that music is a basic element of education. Today’s brain science confirms the value of study and practice of classical music on overall development.

Music is a Basic of Every Child’s Education

Through music the student develops the inner discipline to listen, to concentrate, to collaborate with peers and to cooperate with teachers which is indispensable to academic success. Individual instrumental study helps students to build their personal responsibility, self-confidence, dignity, respect for others and aesthetic appreciation.

Through the study and performance of music students develops a connection to a larger community from their earliest years. The student’s moral imagination is awakened through awareness and sensitivity to the magic and beauty of music.

Music should not be relegated to after-school enrichment programs. Music is a daily basic. Imaginative and curious Mozart Academy students achieve the highest scores on standardized tests and demonstrate impressive character traits.

Our students have been awarded full tuition scholarships to private schools and admission to distinguished public schools. Mozart Academy students are generous and sensitive to their immediate community and interested in the world at large.

The First Teacher Is the Most Important

Bonding with an inspiring, enthusiastic and welcoming artist-teacher is key to the child’s success. The talented teacher is able to enter into the child’s world and grasp their attention, trust and confidence.

The first teacher sets the goals, standards and technical habits for life. Only the experienced, most committed teachers are entrusted with tutoring our beginners.

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