Sirena: Contemporary Virtuoso

Published by Sean on 02 Aug 2010
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Sirena Huang is a prize-winning violinist. A child prodigy, she was born into a family of non-musicians.

When their small daughter expressed a wish to study violin, her mother explored the possibility at a music school in Connecticut where Sirena luckily was assigned to one of America’s finest teachers, Linda Fiore.

Sirena’s parents attended the parent classes and practiced with her daily. Fiore said that she had no idea of Sirena’s unique talent until she had studied for three years.

At nine Sirena was admitted to the pre-college division of New York’s Juilliard School of Music, where she has won first prize in numerous international competitions. Sirena’s parents have made the three hour drive every Saturday from their home to Juilliard for her musical education.

This summer 2010, at 14, she will be performing the Tchaikovsky Concerto for Violin with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.