The Mozart Academy Student is intelligent, superior academically, compassionate, disciplined, able to mentor each other, kind, and supportive of the efforts of their peers.

Mozart & His Family

If Mozart had not been born into a family that could recognize and support his talent, he most probably would never have become the Mozart the world recognizes as an immortal composer. As talented as he proved to be, even Mozart needed exposure and teaching. From birth he was surrounded by great music as Mozart’s family and their friends held concerts in their homes where he heard the sounds of harpsichord, violins and cellos. Mozart’s parents exposed their son to great music, provided first-rate lessons and practiced with him daily.

Even Mozart’s musical genius could never have been realized without the wise support and education provided by his family.

We are named for the most unique of all child prodigies, Mozart, to stress the critical importance of parental involvement in the child’s music lessons.

Our Students


10 year old Clinton travels two hours from Long Island to study at the Mozart Academy. A promising violinist, Clinton won the 2010 Most Outstanding Violinist Award in his school district. More ›


An ethnic Tibetan born in Nepal, Nagwang arrived in the U.S. in 2007. Previously he had never heard the sound of the violin, the instrument he chose to study at Mozart Academy. More ›


Sharaza, 8-year-old cellist from Rwanda, studied at Mozart Academy for three years. Her father was then posted to Kenya to work on regional peace keeping. More ›


Alex has attended the Mozart Academy for eleven years and is our most senior student. Gregarious, he is a generous, natural leader who sets the tone for our younger students. More ›

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