Musical Ambassadors

Diplomats from the developing world posted to their missions to the United Nations represent the educated citizens of their countries and their children will become the leaders of the future. It is our civic duty to provide the best possible education, cultural and social interaction with Americans for these families. Their children have little or no access to our vast cultural resources nor to caring American families.

The Mozart Academy provides an introduction to western music, instrumental lessons, opportunities for tutoring and mentoring in academic subjects, access to New York cultural programs, and friendships with American families.

The value of this visionary program extends far into the future and beyond our nation’s borders. Our current musical ambassadors studying in New York City are from Rwanda, Tibet, Cuba, Ethiopia, China, and Namibia, among others.

Evaluation & Curriculum

No one can assess a student’s ability nor is their talent usually exposed until a child has studied for several years. We believe that the youngest children (ages 3-7) excel by beginning their music study with string instruments, and they are offered a choice of violin or cello. Older beginners can also choose piano, viola, oboe, or flute.

All students must take weekly classes in chorus, music theory, musicianship and appreciation. All students are required to participate in appropriate group classes, performance classes, chamber music, chorus and orchestra. Frequent attendance at professional concerts is required.

Teacher Training & Apprenticeships

The Mozart Academy offers a teacher training program which includes courses, workshops and internships. Through this training, the Mozart Academy can identify and recommend superb teachers for preparatory music schools throughout the country.

Applicants must be enrolled in a graduate music program or have completed a masters or doctorate degree. Personal interviews and auditions are required for admission to the program.

Music Sharing

Each month throughout the year Mozart Academy students, their parents, faculty and friends meet for an hour of informal music sharing. Students and faculty volunteer their performances.

Parent Classes & Involvement

The greater the parental involvement, the more successful the student. The Mozart Academy encourages parents to attend their children’s lessons and to assist with practice sessions.

We encourage parents of beginning students to take classes for parents, including instrumental lessons on the same instrument their child is studying.

Music education is a family affair and every parent can be an assistant teacher


Each student is required to prepare, polish and perform one or more solo pieces once each semester in a formal Mozart Academy recital.

Concert Attendance

The Mozart Academy is committed to building future audiences by providing music appreciation classes and concerts for the children, their families and friends.

The Mozart Academy offers free tickets to a variety of performances in Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the 92nd Street Y.

Mozart Academy students and their parents are required to attend several professional concerts each semester.

Master Classes

Master Classes are open to the public. Several times each year a distinguished violinist, cellist, pianist or singer presents a master class. Auditions are required for students who wish to perform in master classes. The schedule for each class will be posted on this web site.

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