It is the birthright of every child to experience the joy of music in a warm and caring family atmosphere as they are professionally taught. Our ultimate goal is to enable students and their families to forge a deep, lifelong relationship with and love of music.

The Mozart Academy believes that a knowledge and appreciation of music is fundamental to the development of each individual and provides unique opportunities for cultural exchange, community understanding, personal responsibility, ethical and moral development.

Each child is respected and taught as an individual which is key to their success. While developing professional musicians is not our goal, all students must be taught in such a way that no talent is hindered.

Early first-rate instruction is critical both for musical and academic success. Students develop self-discipline, sensitivity, self-esteem and concentration—character traits that will benefit every aspect of their lives.

Music is a Family Affair
Ambassador Nsegimana and his wife, Alphonsine, are involved in their children’s musical education

As talent recognizes neither nationality, race, religion nor income, no child is rejected for financial reasons.

It is the mission of The Mozart Academy to provide instruction of the highest quality in an environment that nurtures achievement and creativity and offers to all who attend the opportunity to pursue their own personal development.


All students major in an instrument- violin, cello, viola, piano, flute or oboe. All students take weekly private lessons. All students attend pre-orchestral (group) classes and study music theory, literature/appreciation and sight reading/sight singing classes. All students are required to sing in the chorus as singing is basic for all music education.

Concert Performances by Mozart Academy Students

Several times each year, Mozart Academy students perform in group concerts with their peers, faculty and guest professional artists in major venues for significant occasions.

Photo: Evan Simon

Most recently they performed in concert with Metropolitan Opera Soprano, Monica Yunus. Our students are also recruited to perform professionally in appropriate productions.

Recent performances include:

  • Carnegie Hall
  • The Rubin Museum of Art
  • The Italian Academy
  • Concert In Honor of President Obama, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
  • New York City Town Hall at John Jay College
  • Great Music For A Great City
  • Broadway, The Lion King
  • Radio City Music Hall, A Christmas Carol
  • United States Court House Naturalization Ceremony
  • WNYC RADIO Celebration of Mozart’s Birthday

Summer Programs

We continue to teach individual lessons during the summer holidays and also recommend our students for admission to full day music camps. Many of our students have been awarded full scholarships to attend The Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts and to the Manhattan School of Music Summer Music Camp.

USDAN Center Orchestra II
Judith Witmer, Conductor

Civic Music & Public Ceremony

From the first year of lessons our students participate in public ceremonies. Mozart Academy students have performed for Inaugurations, Award Ceremonies, Celebrations, Memorials, and Federal Naturalization Ceremonies.

On December 10, 2009 students of the Academy appeared in a concert with professional artists to celebrate President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Encouraging great music performances in public ceremonies is a mission of the Mozart Academy and a way of adding music to our civic and public lives.

Community Service

Mozart Academy students welcome the opportunity to serve their community. They perform regularly in hospitals and in homes for the aged. They are caring and sensitive to the patients who are stimulated and cheered both by the music and talking with the children. Our students participate in benefit concerts for worthy causes on request.

Public Education

The Mozart Academy seeks to inform government officials, parents and the general public about the importance of quality early music instruction and is a resource and research center for educators. Consultations can be arranged on location in New York City or site visits can be arranged for program evaluations and faculty instruction. The Mozart Academy can assist in the designing of programs for schools and communities and in the recommendations and training of teachers.

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